From The East



As we March further into the year, it is becoming quite clear, it will be, thankfully, a busy one. Currently, we have three petitions for membership and one more to be read this coming month. One good man waiting for his Entered Apprentice degree, three E.A.’s to be passed to Fellowcraft and a Brother who has requested to affiliate with us.

I want to congratulate Brother Alvero for returning his E.A. catechism during the last degree and thank RW. Anderson for his continued support in mentoring all brothers who seek him out. Andy’s love, commitment and passion for the craft is quite apparent in his daily actions. We talk and call ourselves traveling men, but Andy truly does and has walked the walk of a Worthy Brother Freemason for many years. I don’t want to diminish the efforts and commitment of others but, rather highlight one true beacon of light in our lodge. The pain and disappointment he expressed recently about the state of the craft today are one hundred percent accurate. The Masonry that he so affectionally holds in his heart, as a comparative, is what we need to strive to elevate to. Personally, it is the Masonry that I expected, do expect, and have committed myself to creating again in our lodge.

Each of you took upon yourself a solemn obligation and I am asking you to honor your word. I am calling on the Brethren of Arlington Centennial-Glebe to reengage yourself to the lodge and reexamine the length of your cable tow. I am asking to you accept the reality that all masonic bodies benefit from strong blue lodges. So, spend this year and take a chance that your presence, your relationship, built with brothers at the Blue Lodge level, will ultimately pay larger dividends to the health of your chosen appendant body.

As you may have now noticed a theme of my Trestle Board messages have been: responsibility to good ritual and mentorship, rededication and strengthening our lodges. We need men who want learn ritual and become mentors. Men who want to join the progressive line and work to ensure the positive future of the lodge. In short, we need you.

We have seen some brothers during the past two meetings, that have not been able to make it for quite some time. I hope this is a trend that will continue. With your help, we will have a Fraternal visit for RW. Bakers official visit to Kemper Macon-Ware Lodge #64 on the 14th and visit to his mother Lodge, Concord Lodge #307, on the 21st of March. We will be holding ritual school on 6th and 13th at 7:00pm and are conferring a Fellowcraft degree on Monday March 20th.

We are working to compile a list of widows and brothers who may benefit from our assistance. Please send me a message if you have any knowledge of someone who may not be in contact with the Lodge or known to myself or other brethren. Thank you for your help in this task to honor our commitment to them and you. The number once again is 571-781-ACGL (2245).

Sincerely and Fraternally,
John D. Smith, Master
Master ACGL No.81